Ten Things what’s New Online – April 2016

Posted By Qaswer Amin on Apr 27, 2016 | 0 comments

1.Go on a Street View Safari

We always have strong wish to go or view our dream places. What if you can go or visit your dream place on your computer. Google Street View Safari is a thing to do if you love to visit exotic places like Kruger National Park, Cape point, Table mountain and kirstenbosch Gardens. The 19 cameras used to grab 360- degree views of each area have done a marvelous job. You can spot animals like buffalos, elephants, zebras, and leopards.

Link: http://goo.gl/lfuuca


2. Add more reactions to facebook

As all of you know that facebook introduces reactions, which let you do more than like a post. You can install reaction packs for firefox and chrome from the link

Link:- http://goo.gl/cMt7Wf

webnoid_post_23. See what your neighbors are uploading

It is not possible to filet youtube videos by location but if you are curious to know what is being uploaded from your neighborhood or city or any other place, this is a tool for you. It gives you search by location and with time-frame. It is a tool on which you can spent several hours.

Link:- http://goo.gl/jRjWcw


4. Ride a Virtual Model railway

Google’s street view crew has fixed a tiny camera to a modified model train and bus to give people a 360 – degree tour of the miniature wonderland model railway in Hamburg.

Link:- http://goo.gl/N2hNAJ


5. Master Google with 170 official Tips

Even If you use Google Every day, you may get the nagging feeling that you are only scratching the surface of what it has to offer. It seems the search engine giant thinks the same, which is why it’s serving up a staggering 170 tips, spread across categories and products.

Link:- http://goo.gl/jH0GCE


6. See Amazon’s new flying drone in action

It’s not a fantasy or a science fiction film. Amazon is proud to introduce their prime air where they’ll deliver goods via drones. On the page you can check the actual video and it is claimed not as simulation. Enjoy the next level of Amazon Delivery .

Link:- http://goo.gl/GBI4nf


7. Turn your text into bizarre 3D images

It’s the site wordseye.com which is rare of its type. You type the text and it forms 3D images from your imaginative text. Ever you saw you picture where in a mouse sitting on a car sitting on an ox, in front of a golden star on a frozen lake? Well, you can try that on this.  Enjoy the site at the link.

Link:- http://goo.gl/pB24hU


8. Watch traffic cameras in Bing Maps

Microsoft’s latest attempt to get you to switch from Google Maps to Bing’s equivalent is the addition of live traffic cameras. 35,000 cameras have been added to city maps in 11 countries. To see them, click the traffic tab at the top of a map, them zoom until you see the camera to see the live picture.

Link:- http://goo.gl/r3OHoM


9. Turn your phone into a Star Wars lightsaber

Google’s latest game for the promo of Star wars is Lightsaber escape that turns your phone into every jedi knight’s favorite weapon. Open chrome in your pc and go to the link https://goo.gl/lHV9um You’ll see a URL that you need to type into your phone. When you do this, you’ll be told to “calibrate your phone”, which means holding it vertically, like you would a lightsaber. Then, on your pc, you’ll see a bunch of unruly Stromtroopers on an Imperial Stat Destroyer, Deflect their blaster by waving your phone around, which in turn controls the lightsaber on your PC.


10. See your street as a self-driving car would

The image on the right, looking rather like an abstract painting, is how a selfdriving car would ‘see’ the same view,representing types of objects –including roads and pedestrians – in different colours. It’s all explained on SegNet, a website built by researchers at Cambridge University, which illustrates how self-driving cars classify different elements of the world. Upload a photo of where you live to see how it would look to cars of the future.
Link:- http://goo.gl/DBrBRy