LG G Flex 2 review

Posted By Qaswer Amin on Sep 1, 2015 | 0 comments

Introduction of LG G Flex 2

There are countless brands of smartphones that have been introduced in the market in the recent years. Given the popularity of smartphones, it is only natural that companies would be vying to jump in on the bandwagon. Among the various brands that have been launched in the market, there are some which have managed to make a place for themselves. These are the brands that have managed to form a league of their own. When they introduce a new version, people know that it would be composed of some fantastic features and would have something new to offer.

However, amidst these brands, there are also some that have not yet attained that kind of popularity. They do have a fair share of the market, but people do think twice before purchasing their phones. These brands thus strive to ensure that they work on their phones and learn from their mistakes. They endeavor to launch a smartphone that would fall in line with the requirements of the consumers.

We are going to talk about a smartphone, LG G Flex 2, which has been introduced recently. We are going to discuss the various aspects associated with the smartphone so that one can make up his mind as to whether this smartphone has what it takes to join the big league or is it likely to disappear in the crowd. Let us now proceed with the review along with the specifications of the model.


Specifications of the LG G Flex 2

Design of LG G Flex 2

The design of this model might have just what it takes to impress people, simply because it is stylish and innovative at the same time. It has something new to offer. The premium esthetic feel that this model gives would fill you with joy. The model is available in two colors, which are flamenco red and platinum silver.

The phone is quite thin and light in weight. The size is also not something that would give you a reason to complain about. Being 5.9 inch tall, this phone has a thickness of 0.3 to 0.4 inch. The weight is only 5.4 ounces. These specifications make it a phone that is easy to operate and manage.

You would not have to worry about it being a delicate piece. It has been designed such that it can sustain considerable rough handling. You can even push it while it is facing down and watch it flatten straight. You can press the edges to watch them curl. Once you release the pressure, the phone would return to its original shape. The phone is also fairly resistant to scratches and strain.

Display of LG G Flex 2

LG has remained true to its claim to produce a screen that would give little reason to complain. The 1080p screen would certainly impress you. The high resolution paves the way for sharper images. Everything on the screen including images, videos and text are bright and detailed. The screen is quite responsive and you would not have to face a great deal of problem in using your phone in bright light.


The model is equipped with the latest Android version, which is Android 5.0 Lollipop. There are certain features that are a nice addition, including the fact that you can now receive notifications on locked screen and have a whole new range of apps that can be made use of. Several preloaded apps are also available for you to use. A collection of Korean apps is also available.

The user interface of the model has made slight changes to the software. Certain features have faced the axe. You have the option of a dual window that can be launched by pressing the hotkey, which will allow you to use any two apps at the same time by splitting the screen. KnockOn and KnockCode are among the features that are a part of this smartphone.

Camera quality of LG G Flex 2

Photo quality might not be the best thing out there, but it is certainly acceptable. The back 13MP camera has good results, while the auto focus will bring you sharp results. The shutter is responsive and swift. Detailing would be attained in the images shot with this camera.

The colors, however, might appear a bit washed out. At times, the camera would take some time to respond to your commands. You might not be able to take professional photographs from it, but casual photos are not a problem.

Video recording is fluid. Detailing is easily achieved and audio is not an issue.

The front 2.1MP camera also gives satisfactory results. A dual camera mode will allow you to take pictures and make video simultaneously.

The popularity of selfie sticks has been kept in mind. The device can pick up the movement while it is being lowered down from a stick during which, it will automatically show you the image that has just been taken. Once the phone is away from the face, it will go back to camera mode. At times, you would find that these actions take some time to appear.

The battery life is a little bit disappointing and is something that needs to be improved.

Final words about LG G Flex 2

This phone certainly has the features that would not allow it to be written off. The impressive and innovative design along with the attention that has been paid to ensure comfortable handling is something that must be appreciated. Its sturdiness and interface are extra bonus points. The camera might be disappointing at times though. You would sometimes be exasperated with the short battery life. However, this is not a phone that would prove to be a waste of money. Indeed, it has the power to be counted in the league of smartphones that have something new to offer.