iPad Air 2 review

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The market has seen an influx of different gadgets in the past few years. All of these gadgets aim to make life simpler and feasible in one way or the other. These gadgets are constantly in a phase of evolution. One day, you would have one edition in your hand and the next, you will hear that an upgrade is available in the market. There is no gadget which has managed to attain the realms of perfection till this point in time, which is why quite a bit of time goes into polishing the launched products and introducing their latest editions.

Apple is right in the front, being counted among the leading gadget providers. It does not give up neither does it disappoint. In addition to launching new and innovative gadgets from time to time, it also puts in a significant portion of attention to making changes to and improving its already existing products so that a new edition can be launched which would be better than the previous version and would have something new to offer to the users.

Photo Credits apple.com

Photo Credits apple.com

We are going to review one such product now, which is the iPad Air 2 that is the next in line in the original iPad Air series. We are going to conduct an analysis with regards to the positive points and the shortcomings of the product so that a conclusion can be drawn regarding its purchase and whether it is indeed worth your money.

The negatives of Ipad Air 2

We will begin the review by first giving an account of the areas in which work is required to attain perfection.

Not much of an upgrade

The glaring issue which might have an effect on the sales of this product is that it is not too different than the previous iPad Air. Difference in terms of functionality is somewhat missing, due to which those who already have an iPad Air would not be tempted to make a transition. A different user experience is not being guaranteed with this iPad. Even the battery life has not attained much change, which is not exactly a point to complain about since the battery life of the original iPad Air was already quite good but if there is room for improvement, that room has been left vacant in this new edition.

Too thin

Photo Credits apple.com

Photo Credits apple.com

The design of this product would be discussed in the plus points of the product, but while the overall effect might be good, there is an issue of its thinness. Apple loves the idea of decreasing the width of its products, a tradition which has been continued with the iPad Air 2. The thinness paves way for potential damage, due to which you would need to slide your iPad in a casing at the first available opportunity so that you do not have to bear the brunt of a financial loss because of the damage incurred upon the product.

The positive points of the Ipad Air 2

Let us now move ahead with the areas where this product deserves appreciation and which make it worth your money.

Enhanced speed

The responsiveness of this iPad is something that would leave you pleased. It is equipped with a new A8X processor, which makes the new iPad speedier and has a better working mechanism. The hardware is also found to be equally supportive and would accommodate an array of apps so that you can do anything you want on your iPad.

Camera quality

Photo Credits apple.com

Photo Credits apple.com

While photography might not be among the top tasks which are accomplished with the help of an iPad, this is still a definite plus point, especially given the selfie craze that is prevalent all over. The latest iPad comes with rear and front facing cameras, both of whom have better quality and would certainly provide you with better quality pictures. The resolution is something in which you would notice the difference.

Sleek design

The design of this iPad is sleek and smooth. It is lighter in weight, which makes its handling a whole lot easier. The difference in weight compared to its previous version would not be felt unless you are holding the piece in your hand. The light weight and compact size will ensure that you would have no issue with regards to its handling. However, you would have to be careful that you do not drop it somewhere along the way. A protective casing must be used at the first available instant. The color choices are all very elegant and would please you on the whole.

Antireflective screen

If you had been exasperated that you could not use your iPad in broad daylight, this is an issue that has been dealt with. This iPad has an antireflective screen which implies that you can use it at all times with ease.

Touch ID fingerprint scanner

Photo Credits apple.com

Photo Credits apple.com

This is a new addition to the iPad Air, albeit an interesting one. You can now unlock the screen of your iPad Air with your finger or thumb, depending on what the iPad asks for. This might take some getting used to, but definitely counts as an upgrade.

High built-in storage

The storage capacity of this device is praiseworthy, which means that it can now accommodate a wide collection of apps so that you can have fun all day long. Upgrades in configurations have also been made.

Final words

All in all, this iPad is a finer and polished version of the previous edition. If you do not already possess an iPad, purchase this one. But if you are already in possession of an iPad, you would not gain much from this one in terms of usage. The design is great, but the thinness is something that Apple needs to stop with. It appears as though the device might actually be able to roll, which is not a very nice impression. This device does not give a great deal of room to complain and would make for a nice choice in case you do not have one.