Dell Venue 8 7000 – The New Generation Tablet

Posted By Qaswer Amin on May 13, 2015 | 0 comments

If you are looking for a tablet that gives you superior performance and high-end functionality along with having outclass looks, then this is the time to bring in the new Dell innovation called the Dell Venue 8 7000. This tablet is jam-packed with such out-of-the-box features that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. If you go for comparing its specs with those of its competitors, then you will find it leading the pack in many prominent aspects. Due to these and many other major reasons, Dell has been blessed with the title of World’s Slimmest Tablet available.

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Along with the ultra-slim design, there is another major spec that has managed to steal the show in this case. It is the RealSense stereoscopic camera powered by Intel. The presence of this advanced sort of camera in Dell Venue 8 7000 increases the grandeur of this device. This camera captures the images as a combined effect of three separate small cameras and the result is a picture that says the whole story about itself as clearly as anything. After having fabulous images shot by RealSense, you can further edit them as per your liking with the unmatchable in-built photo editing tool that transforms your images into utter pieces of art. Just through one touch, you can share your beautiful images across all the seams on any online medium you like. Facilitator will be Dell Venue 8 7000 for sure.

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As this device is equally competitive and high-performing as its competitors are, the price is also somewhat the same i.e. $399. But still Dell Venue has managed to keep its competitive advantage intact because of its superb capabilities for photography and some clear positive differences in the hardware, giving the device an outlook like no other device has till yet.


The first and the most highlighted feature of Dell Venue 8 7000 is its set of three cameras combined into on RealSense. The picture quality you will get with this exceptional camera cannot be explained in words. All it does is revealing each and every minute detail of the image without much effort of the capturer. Although updates are not available to some of the features of this camera till yet, but soon after that Dell is going to rock the market like no one has ever done before. The cherry on the cake is the wonderful photo editing tool that accompanies this camera. Not only can you edit your pictures with it but can also upload then online to share with friends and family, especially through Facebook, Picasa and Dropbox online accounts. You can also perform many of your favorite activities of Facebook photo sharing just by syncing the content of this photo editor with your online account.

All your images get saved automatically into the amazing Dell Gallery that’s another big attraction. This gallery is easy and simple to use altogether. It keeps all your images and videos integrated and organized at a single spot, no matter how dispersed they are online as well as offline. If you find any difficulty editing your pics, you can check out the in-built manual guides for editing photos effectively.

Next you will find the most recent Android 4.4 KitKat working in this tablet. This alone can explain the high-end performance of Dell Venue but then there is an expected upgrade available for Lollipop 5.0 which makes it even more worthwhile.


The design of the Dell Venue 8 7000 is given tough competition by Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4, all primarily because of thickness. These two devices are competing for the title of the slimmest tab in the world but currently Dell Venue holds this title. Although Dell Venue weighs a bit more, its overall outlook makes it appear a bit slimmer than the tablet from Samsung.

With a display of about 8.4 inches and other small dimensions, Dell Venue is so comfortable to handle. It gives a decent grip to the holder and you can easily hold it for hours. Here the bezel also matters a lot. Usually the bezel blends in perfectly with the main design but make sure it is actually the case.

Talking more about RealSense

Although much has been said about this phenomenal camera already, still there is so much to talk about this wonderful innovation. Being the pioneer in introducing the RealSense camera, Dell Venue 8 7000 has tried to integrate all the great features of this camera together into the device. The biggest focus is the Depth camera that captures your photos giving them a nice depth and unveiling many of their details. A unique feature says that you can take the measurement of any object you see in the picture. This is truly something out-of-the-box but this function has not yet been found that commonly. It is yet to be unveiled properly after which it will be available to the users.

This camera comes with so many additional features that are worth exploring. You will find a list of options of which you can select what kind of photo you want to click. With the versatile options like panorama, video, burst, depth-sensing etc. pictures turn into something out of this world. Take the pic, get it saved into the Dell Gallery and place some effects of your choice on the pic. Voila! You are done with the three-step perfection you want for your images.

One another fun that you can do with your images is to adjust their focal points yourself. Once you click the pic, you can set its focal point where you find it to be most creative. It is a great feature for the beginners who wish to take creative and presentable pictures. They can play the same trick and right after clicking the picture, can make adjustments with the focal point and you will have a perfect photo at your end. This is not the end but the beginning of what RealSense can do for its users.