4 Best New Websites of the Month

Posted By Qaswer Amin on Dec 12, 2013 | 0 comments

Nobody can’t deny from the importance of Internet. Everything is going so advanced and busy, from last two decades many rapid changes have occurred in the IT world. It’s too difficult for a single person to manage all the matters of life physically. At this situation everyone wants to get extra power like superman but it’s impossible in real life. So internet makes it very easy. Almost every one of us knows the importance of internet. Here are some new websites which may solve your many of daily matters. You just have to make a single click get your desire information.


My International Shopping

Shopping is the most favorite activity in both male and female. Online shopping makes it very easy to purchase anything. You just order by one click on the website and your desired order would be on your door step. You must appreciate myinternationalshopping.com. It provides detail of international stores which offers worldwide delivery, a large range of products and global bargains. Additionally this site provides information how to make a purchase from abroad.

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giftabook Gift An eBook

As people say, “book is the best friend of anyone”. So you can choose a book as a gift easily. Just buy an eBook and gift it free to your friend. It’s not from me; GiftAneBook.co.uk is providing this opportunity to you. Amazon does not allow giving eBooks as gifts. But this site allows you to do this. You can choose the title from total of 2000. First read free samples before you buy and after deciding you can gift it to your friend. You and your friend both will collect copy of the book without extra charges. One more interesting thing is, gift can be published with a message and delivered through email. You can set this for a particular day also.

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If you are looking for a person who clean your flat and tidy your flat then stop searching. Sooqini is available for resolving this issue; this will choose the perfect person for the job. It’s very developed, improved, and newly design system for requesting services raises it above other “task marketplaces” which helps to find the suitable seller immediately. Sooqini verifies all its members and awards those who complete their tasks efficiently. Sooqini also provides subscription option for when you need a job. This site covers a diverse range of services. So you use this when you are busy, lazy or want to earn some extra money for yourself.

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songdropSong Drop

Music has choice for everyone. Some take it as peace of mind and other think that without music life would be colorless. So you can’t ignore music from life. Many live streams are available for listening music online. But it’s too difficult to remember where you heard a particular track. Songdrop provides an opportunity you to save the track in your playlist from different locations like Tumblr, Youtube and SoundCloud. It’s very comfortable to use Songdrop. You just have to install Chrome extension, or you can drag the bookmarklet in your bookmarking toolbar. Then click it to add a song or video from the web page.

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