4 Best Free Android Games Of The Week

Posted By Qaswer Amin on Dec 10, 2013 | 0 comments

Now people are very used to play games on Laptop, PC, iPod and Cell Phone. Especially our new generation has a keen interest about it. Day by day importance of online games is rapidly growing. Here are some free games apps by which you can make your free time more joyful and productive.

Test for Friends

Test for Friends

This fun quiz game is just like an app version of TV show where host first put some questions and after the question round tells results about IQ level. Choose craziest questions to your friends and see if you and your friends guess each other, such as If you will be a CM of This state then what will your first step? Just put some interesting question to your friends and guess what they have thought about you. It’s not limited you can play with strangers also. So you can find out more friends which answers that are the same as yours.

Minimum Requirement: Android 2.2
File Size: 6.3 MB
For download: click here

word search plus

Word Search Plus

Many of us want to play productive games. If you are spending your precious time for a game then, on the other hand, you are enhancing your creativity. Word Search Plus is one of them for which you are searching. Where you can choose any topic which must based on its Wikipedia page. Result will be a challenging combination of general knowledge quiz and word game. More interestingly, 10 different languages setting of this game are available. So you have the authority to tune your favorite one.

Minimum Requirement: Android 2.3
File Size: 841 KB
Download link: click here

pop words research

Pop Words Research

Another challenging game, name is Pop Words Research. Basic aim of this game is to match words to create a chain. To get hints, “a light bulb” is available there by pressing it you will be able to get hints. And to remove words you will use bombs. Category includes Movies, Music, Products and People,and each has 48 levels. You must have to get three stars at each level further proceed. While playing, be careful if you guess wrongly you will lose 500 points and level can’t be repeated.

Minimum Requirement: Android 2.2+
File Size: 12 MB
Download link: click here



Sporo is game where task is to light up all the cells in each level. But you can drag onto the board one piece at one time, and their arrangement must be in sequence so that every cell on row and column is lit up. First 300 puzzles are available in a free version to solve. An option of 200 puzzles is also available if you upgrade to the premium app, which costs 69p.

Minimum Requirement: Android2.1+, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iOS 4.3+
File Size: 8.1 MB
For download: click here